How to Create 3d Interactive Graph using Plotly

Like matplotlib and seaborn we have plotly, that is a data visualization library used for creating graphical, 3d and interactive graph.

You can install plotly using below command

pip install plotly

Then you can import it in Jupyter notebook as below.

import as pex

Let us use the famous iris dataset to create the 3d and interactive graph

iris_data_set =

Finally we need to generate the graph using below code.

my_plot = pex.scatter_3d(iris_data_set, x='sepal_length',y='sepal_width',z='petal_width',color='petal_length',symbol='species')
3d interactive graph using plotly and iris dataset
3d interactive graph using plotly and iris dataset

Note that this graph when created in the jupyter notebook will be interactive, which means when you will hover your mouse over the graph it will show additional details.

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