In this post we are going to discuss top 5 differences between Python and Golang programming language.

Python Vs Golang Top 5 differences

  1. Python is an interpreted language while golang is a compiled language.
    As python is interpreted language, The python code has to be converted into a machine-readable form, by a program called interpreter, just before the time of execution. This makes python code platform independent and more flexible. Go is a compiled language, which means it needs to be build manually by a program called compiler, before execution. A language that is compiled tend to be faster than interpreted language. This is because the process of translating code well before run time reduces the overhead.
  2. Python has no memory management however Golang has good memory management. Python offers no memory management to be configured by the programmer. Python manages the memory automatically. However, Golang, offers a considerable amount of, control of the memory management, to the programmer.
  3. Python lacks in-built concurrency, but Golang provides in-built concurrency. Python has no in-built concurrency, but Golang has in-built concurrency. Concurrency feature of a programming language allows multiple processes to be executed simultaneously, during a period of time.
  4. Python is dynamically typed language while Golang is statically typed language. Python is dynamically-typed, meaning that it checks for bugs in the code at run-time. Due to dynamic typing, in Python the same variable can have a different type at different times during the execution.
  5. Python is slower but Golang is Faster comparatively. Python is slower compared to golang, as python is an interpreted language. The python code has to be converted into a machine-readable form before execution, just before the time of execution, hence it takes a little longer to execute. Golang is a statically typed language, which means no need to check variable types dynamically while executing. Therefore golang runs faster as compared to python.

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